How Does a Background Check Work?

Practically any place of work in the United States these days performs a background check on prospective employees. These types of checks are meant to verify if job candidates told the truth about themselves on their CVs. An employee background check focuses on three main criteria – job experience, education, and criminal records. With these checks, employers verify personal information by using a thirdparty firm, but they are not the only ones who can perform a check on a person's past. These days, you too can run a check on people you know to find out more about their past, and discover if anyone is dishonest with you.

How to Perform a Background Check?

As the title suggests, a background check is a check where a person's past is examined. How is the check performed? Via public records; there are authorities in each state that maintain data about residents so they can access them whenever they need. There are many personal records that are available to the general public, which is why they are called "public records."

To access such records, you must contact authorities that maintain and grant copies of public records. In most cases, these authorities will be health departments, courts, and police agencies that are the main respiratory for public data. Each authority has a way for you to contact it and ask for copies of public records. So, you can request access to these records via email, mail, phone, fax, and U.S. post.

Each authority also has rates and fees when it comes to public records copies. When you request for records of other people, you will need to pay the appropriate fees according to the authority you contacted. Standard waiting time for getting copies of public records is between several days to several weeks during which you can find out where your request stands.

For an easier and quicker background check, you can use an online directory that will provide you with all the data you need, like GoLookUp. To search for the data you need, all you will need to do is enter the name of the person you are searching for into the site's directory. The search will be performed in a few minutes, at the end of which you will get a report on the person you searched.

The report provided by GoLookUp includes all the information found on public records, like the full name of the person in question, any aliases they may have, arrest records, criminal records, sex offender registry data, contact information, address, and much more.

The main purpose of background checks is to provide you with accurate information about people you do not know very well and keep yourself safe. Thanks to these checks, you can learn about people and discover if anyone is lying to you and may cause you harm.

Getting information about people is incredibly valuable, and you can get access to online public records with GoLookUp and get to know people better.

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